Paola Besana e il gioco serio della tessitura.

Ma degree thesis, 2021.04.28

This volume aims to analyse and recount the life of one of the most important textile artists and designers.
Besana took the best from her travels and training experiences abroad, where she came into contact with the great masters of textiles, but also with craftsmen in rural South American villages. Always finding a new way (“What else?” was her motto) to experiment with techniques and materials, Paola Besana with rigour and irony turned weaving into a ‘serious game’.
The book collects and analyses the author’s work, cataloguing it and proposing a critical reading key.
Studying Paola Besana, getting to know her method, her history, her obsession with textile objects from all over the world, her teaching methods, allows us to understand her lesson: to look at the world of design with new eyes.